Double Sided Step Aluminum Ladders 112 cm

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Double Sided Step Aluminum Ladders 112 cm

The Double Sided Step Ladders 43 cm - 2 x 2 Treads model LU5 is a solid and reliable aid for professional work. LU5 stepladders with double-sided access can be used for numerous jobs both indoors and outdoors. The open height of this ladder is 1.12 mt. Model LU5 is suitable for professional use, is versatile and easy to transport yet carries a duty rating of 330 pounds. The Aluminum ladder LU5 is the ultimate in strength, safety and versatility.
This ladder is easy to use and transport. It can easily be opened and closed with one hand.
You can count on quality performance for years to come.
This aluminum ladder is rated to hold up to 330 lbs; so it’s perfect for proof performance every time on a wide range of jobs. The Aluminum ladder LU5 is also perfect for medium-sized jobs.
Model LU5 has extra-large platform with toe guard that feels like you are standing on the ground.
Lightweight and sturdy ideal for home or trade use.

Product details
Aluminum construction offers lightweight durability;
Anodised stiles for cleaner hands.
Corrosion Resistant: Yes
Stiles with smooth anodised finish, for clean hands.
Stand without fatigue on 80mm deep treads.
Slip-resistant, steps provide secure footing as you climb or stand on ladder.
High-strength nylon strap prevents splay.
Treads and stiles made from extruded aluminium sections.
Non-slip plastic end caps
Assembly Required: No
Standard: EN 131 - certified for safety

Key Features
No. of treads/steps 2 x 5
Steps Dimension: 80 mm - 3.14"
Open height (mt): 1.12 - 3' 8.09"
Base width (mm): 523 - 20.59"
Base spread (mt): 1.12 mt - 3' 8.09"
Stile dimension (front +back) (mm) 50 x 25 mm - 1.96" x 0.98"
Weight : 6.00 Kg - 13.22 lbs
Load capacity: 150 Kg - 330 lbs

Model LU5 is a stepladder that has broad flat steps and two pairs of legs (front side rails and back side rails) connected by a hinge at the top and that opens at the bottom to become freestanding. LU5 has double-sided access.
Model LU5 is a a Self Supporting Ladder and is the only ladder you will need for all your indoor or outdoor projects, jobs and chores.
The LU5 Ladder is an extra heavy duty Double Front Step Ladder, It is a ONE man ladder that has wide steps on both front and back. The heavy duty extruded aluminum provide stability. The aluminum ladders are weather resistant for outdoor use;
New polypropylene copolymer shoe with thick non-marring rubber tread is bonded and secured to the shoe providing slip resistant fting, added durability and increased aluminum rail protection at the base.
Product Model - LU5 Industrial Grade, 300 lb. Load Rating, Aluminum Double Front.

Double Sided Step Aluminum Ladders 112 cm - measures

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Double Sided Step Ladders