Double Sided Step Wooden Ladders 255 cm

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Double Sided Step Wooden Ladders 255 cm
Double Sided Step Wooden Ladders 255 cm details
Professional wooden ladder Se 8 step. The wodden ladder Se 8 step with double ascent is especially recommended to painters, to electricians, and all those who carry out professional and industrial jobs.
The ladder Se 8 step is built by pine uprights with size 70x25 mm and steps in beech with size 40x25 mm stuck perfectly to the upright and glued.

Thanks to the wood material with which this particular ladder is made, it can be also used in environments with electricity.
The height of the steps is 25 cm apart the last two which has a differentt pitch of 33 cm, in order to work in a better way without bumping your knees to the steps.
For a higher resistance in the ladder Se 8 step there are: 4 rods under the stairs, zinc plated steel hinged at the top for compass opening and two poliester antiopening ropes.
The ladder has also a user manual and a label which identifies the model and the number of the steps.
For a longer life it is also protected by a clear varnish and it si advisable not to expose the ladder for a long time to atmospheric agents.

STEP WIDTH : 40x25 mm.
UPRIGHTS: 70 X 25 mm.
CLOSE HEIGHT: 2,55 mt.
Weight (Kg):12,00
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Portata massima: 150 Kg en131
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Double Sided Step Ladders
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